Further investigation of the murder

Persons of Interest:

Skreed Gorwillow, half-orc. As yet unencountered. But we had a lead on his name from Easy Mike. After being ambushed outside of town, the mercenary Breck copped to being hired by Skreed.
Breck, human mercenary. Good with a bow, much to our ouchies. Part of the Black Rats mercenary company. Hired by Skreed to attack our party on the way to the Plague House, when assassinating us in our room at Ramblehouse proved too risky with the posted guards.
Will & Talc, trusted guards assigned to our room at Ramblehouse by Carson for the day shift.
Shem & Burt, guards assigned to us by Carson for the night shift.
Cruthers, guard in the north tower near Ramblehouse. Trusted ally in town.
Othdan, town youth. Found locked away in the Plague House. Freed him.

Unknown Items

Daktani, dead half-orc cleric in Plague House. Unholy symbol to the orc god Nulgreth.
Melira, still unknown entity from Part 1.
White Swords, unknown graffiti authors all over town. Skreed, perhaps?
Urusul, still missing.
Spoke to Brinya about finding Rodrik’s Hopeknife in the Plague House. He was laid to rest.
Flood troll killed! Still need answers about what’s happening in town… what secrets were worth killing for??
Day 2 pass phrase for guards: Q: Rainy, isn’t it? A: Yes. My boots be squishin’.



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